4 Solid Reasons For Visiting Lexington

Of all of the cities that you could visit in Kentucky, Lexington should be your first if you have never been there before. It has a lot to offer, even over Louisville. This is the second largest city, and many important things happen there, plus there is a lot of history that you can learn even during a short term vacation. If you are into aviation, horses, or if you would like to learn about history, there is no better city to be in. If you want to simply enjoy nature, or have a great time drinking the best bourbon for thousands of miles, you need to visit Lexington Kentucky this year.

Four Reasons To Go

The first reason that you should go and the primary one that most people use is that they want to see Keeneland. People that visit that love horses, and that may also be attending the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, will certainly want to visit this place as well. The second reason is that you can take a step back into history by going to the Kentucky Horse Park. Another reason to go is The Arboretum which is a great place to visit. Finally, if you want to try out excellent bourbon, you can pick any nightclub or pub and they will have something to offer you. This will allow you to get a taste of why Kentucky is so popular, even if you have never known anything about the state before.

How To Fit Everything In

To fit everything in, it’s not that hard to do. It just depends on how long your vacation is going to be. For example, if you are going to stay for just a week, you might want to visit only the places focused on horses if that is your primary reason for visiting. You might want to hit all of the bars and pubs that have bourbon, or if you just want to learn about American history, you can do that as well. Lexington is a beautiful place, filled with many unique and wonderful tourist attractions that will keep you busy from start to finish. And before you go, you might want to consider paying your respects to people at the Lexington Cemetery. There is always something that you will be able to do while you are in the second largest city in all of Kentucky.