3 Lexington Breweries On Your Next Visit To Kentucky

Although Lexington is primarily known as a place to visit if you are into horses, you should consider visiting this city for a completely different reason. Kentucky is known for having some of the best alcohol in the United States, especially Bourbon, and there are several breweries that you want to visit to get to enjoy some of the best alcohol in America. Here are three of the top Lexington breweries that you should visit on your next trip to Kentucky, places that will clearly show you why alcohol from this states is some of the best.

West Sixth Brewing

This is a destination that has many positive reviews, the second highest of all of the places in Lexington. It is large enough to provide people with plenty of space, allowing them not to feel cramped as they are trying out different types of alcohol. It’s one of the best locations because the prices are right, and there is no loud music to distract you. They also have a fish market eatery where you can get a great lunch while you are trying out your favorite bruise.

Alltech’s Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.

Another location that has exceptional reviews from tourists is this brewery which has a tour that will show you the distillation process. This is the parent company, owned by people that originated from Ireland, now living in Kentucky and using German equipment. Everything there is high tech and the guide is going to be very explanatory on what you can expect and how everything is done. It’s a great place to visit, and the beer tasting will have you coming back for more.

Country Boy Brewing

This is a final place that you can visit, one of the better locations. It is smaller than all of the other destinations that have been discussed. It’s a place where locals come, and has a nice outdoor area, allowing you to drink beer on the patio during the spring and summer months.

These three destinations are perfect for people that would like to learn more about the alcohol beverages that are produced and served in Kentucky. Always remember to check out the other attractions which will include everything related to horses, and US history, all contained within the city of Lexington. Start booking your trip today, making sure to take advantage of all of the tours and museums that are available.